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We help you grow by providing best-in-class advice and execution excellence on the most complex transactions across markets, industries and geographies.

Our experts have supported a broad range of clients in making the most sensitive strategic decisions for their businesses. Our client base includes entrepreneurs, corporations, investment firms, private individuals and families from across the globe.



Mergers & Acquisitions

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Algo Capital provides end-to-end M&A services for both buy and sell-side transactions, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to assist companies throughout the entire process. Our services are designed to help clients overcome the obstacles that arise in M&A transactions at 360 degrees.

M&A transactions present various challenges to both buyers and sellers. Buyers may face difficulties identifying quality targets or accurately valuing them, negotiating deal terms, and conducting due diligence. On the other hand, sellers may struggle to find suitable buyers, accurately value their company, negotiate deal terms, and manage the post-transaction transition. In both cases, the process can be overwhelming, with significant risks and uncertainties that can impact the outcome.

Value Proposition:
At Algo Capital, we provide expert-driven M&A services that deliver reliable solutions to these challenges, tailoring our approach to the unique needs and goals of each client. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes expert guidance, in-depth market research, strategic negotiations, thorough due diligence, and post-transaction support. Unlike other competing products, our services are designed to maximize the value and ROI for clients rather than just closing the deal at any cost.

Program Highlights:

  • Expert guidance and support throughout the entire M&A process
  • In-depth market research and analysis to identify suitable targets or buyers
  • Thorough due diligence to identify any hidden liabilities or risks
  • Strategic negotiation to ensure fair deal terms and optimal transaction structure
  • Post-transaction integration or transition support to ensure a smooth handover of the business to the buyer or seller.


  1. Access to the expert guidance you need at every stage of the transaction.
  2. Reduce risk and increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.
  3. Access to large network of companies and corporates 
  4. Achieve your desired outcomes while minimizing the uncertainties and risks 

A) Advisory:
This includes an end-to-end advisory of the transaction, from document creation to post-transaction integration.

B) Investment Broker (IB):
This includes only access to Algo Capital's network of potential buyers/sellers and a warm introduction.

Private Placements

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When it comes to securing funding for your traditional company, finding the right investors and crafting compelling investment propositions can be challenging. At Algo Capital, we provide Private Placement Advisory services that offer end-to-end solutions for companies looking to raise funding through different financing instruments. Our team works with companies at every stage, from early to late stage, in venture capital and private equity for SMBs and Middle Market.

Assets Covered:

  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Mezzanine


Traditional companies often face significant challenges when it comes to fundraising. The market can be highly competitive, and it may be difficult to identify the right investors who fully understand the company's potential. Founders may struggle to craft investment proposals that effectively communicate the value of their company, leading to difficulty in raising capital and achieving their funding goals.

Value Proposition:
For traditional companies who face obstacles when raising capital, Algo Capital's Private Placement service is a game-changer. Our comprehensive solutions provide customized investor material and coaching on effective pitching strategies. We offer access to a vast network of investors in traditional financing, and our team has experience in both venture capital and private equity. Our end-to-end support covers all aspects of the funding round, from preparation to execution.

Program Highlights:

  • Customized investor material
  • Independent pitching from Algo Capital's experts
  • Coaching on effective pitching strategies
  • Access to a large network of investors in traditional financing
  • Tailored solutions for equity, debt, and mezzanine financing raises


  1. Increase your chances of securing funding faster
  2. Gain access to our large network of investors in traditional financing
  3. Have more time to focus on building your business

Program Options:
There are two ways in which we can partner with companies:

A) Advisory:
This includes an end-to-end advisory of the project, from document creation to post-transaction investor relations.

B) Investment Broker (IB):
This includes only access to Algo Capital's network and a warm introduction.


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With our skilled research team, you can determine the fair value of your company using the whole range of standard valuation approaches. Our analysts are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in multiple asset classes since 2008 and analyze over 100 companies annually. With this vast knowledge, we have developed reliable valuation frameworks that we're eager to share with our clients.

Managing a company requires a sound grasp of valuation principles. Without this understanding, making key decisions such as fundraising or selling assets can be challenging. Moreover, inaccurate valuations can be costly and impact a company's long-term success. It's crucial for digital asset companies to have a firm handle on the fair value of their business.

Value Proposition:

For founders and teams who are dissatisfied with their ability to estimate a fair price for their company, our service offers a comprehensive valuation solution. Unlike other competing products, our valuation framework utilizes in depth valuation approaches. Moreover, our experienced research team employs the latest data analysis and market research techniques to provide accurate and reliable valuations.

Program Highlights:

  • Traditional valuation approaches to extract a fair value range for your business
  • Expert analyst team with many years of experience in multiple industries
  • Tailored services to meet the unique needs of each client.


  1. Make informed decisions about fundraising, selling, or other critical transactions.
  2. Avoid costly mistakes or missed opportunities by having a clear understanding of their asset's value.
  3. Save time and resources by leveraging our expert research team and valuation frameworks.

COrporate restructurings

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Our Restructuring offering provides you with bespoke multidisciplinary solutions to adjust the trajectory of your business and ensure its survival. Our team analyzes your company holistically, identifying key issues, and providing personalized guidance to restructure your capital stack to be more sustainable and attractive to financial backers in the long term.

As a founder or manager, you know the importance of a sustainable business model. If mistakes have been made, it's crucial to rectify them before it's too late. You might have mispriced equity or debt, have been hit by inflation and and the rise in interest rates or have weak financial policies in place. Failing to address these issues can be very costly and could jeopardize your company's future, as well as damage your reputation.

Value Proposition:
For founders of companies who are dissatisfied with their business performance and are struggling to find support and adoption, our restructuring service is a new framework that provides bespoke end-to-end solutions to adjust the trajectory of your company. Unlike other offerings out there, our service is catering to companies of all sizes and industries.

Program Highlights:

  • Holistic assessment of the key complexities in your business
  • Review of your cost centers and capex policies
  • Design of a restructuring plan to reduce risks and improve profitability
  • Treasury management adjustments
  • Creation of new business model to drive cashflows


  1. Access to expert advisors in economic incentives, capital markets, and restructurings
  2. Personalized advice and guidance to identify and address main structural issues with your business
  3. Creation of a more sustainable and attractive project, leading to a higher likelihood of survival and success for stakeholders. 

Treasury Management

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Our Treasury / Cash Management program is a comprehensive financial management tool designed to help companies effectively manage their financial operations. We provide expert financial guidance to maximize liquidity, minimize risk, and optimize cash flow management.

Effectively managing financial operations can be a daunting task for companies of all sizes. Balancing expenses, maintaining cash flow, managing risk, and ensuring liquidity are just a few of the challenges they face. As inflation and interest rates increase, and funding becomes more difficult to secure, effective treasury management becomes even more crucial and can determine the survival or failure of a business. 

Value Proposition:
For companies seeking to streamline their financial operations and improve their overall financial health, our Treasury / Cash Management program is a tailored solution that provides customized strategies and expert guidance. Our program is designed to help companies manage risk, maintain liquidity, and optimize cash flow management, providing a competitive advantage in a complex financial landscape.

Program Highlights:

  • Cash flow forecasting and analysis 
  • Maturity mismatching and adjustments
  • Risk management and hedging strategies
  • Liquidity management and optimization


  1. Reduced operational risks
  2. Improved cash flow management
  3. Minimized costs and maximized liquidity
  4. Expert financial guidance and support for better decision-making.



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Our Dealflow Origination services offer investors access to a diverse range of investment opportunities across different industries and stages, including venture capital and private equity deals. We leverage our extensive network and experience to identify high-potential opportunities that match our clients' investment criteria.


  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Private Debt Funds
  • Buyout Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Corporate Ventures
  • HNWI

Investors face significant challenges when trying to find the right match for their investment targets across different industries and stages. The process of pre-selecting hundreds of potential companies to find the right match can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Without the proper expertise and connections, it can be difficult to navigate the constantly evolving market and identify the latest trends and opportunities. Moreover, evaluating the risks and potential rewards of any given investment can be complicated due to the lack of clear standards or regulations, especially when dealing with innovative technologies and emerging companies. This makes it even more critical for investors to have access to curated and high-quality investment opportunities that meet their criteria. 

Value Proposition:
For investors who are dissatisfied with their access to high-quality investment opportunities across different industries and stages, our Dealflow Origination services offer a comprehensive solution. Our services are tailored to our clients' specific investment targets, allowing them to save time and reduce risk by accessing a curated selection of investment opportunities that match their criteria. With our extensive network and expertise, we can identify the most promising investment opportunities in the market, ensuring that our clients are investing in companies with high potential for growth and profitability.


  • Technology
  • Healthcare & Biotech
  • Energy
  • Financials
  • Gaming
  • Transportation
  • Consumer

Program Highlights:

  • Proprietary screening process to identify companies that match precise investment targets
  • Experienced team with industry expertise to conduct due diligence on potential investment opportunities
  • Extensive databases of pre-selected high value companies in multiple industries
  • Standardized opportunity assessment frameworks


  1. Access to a curated selection of high-quality investment opportunities
  2. Find opportunities that match your investment criteria
  3. Avoid wasting time and receive only pre-selected deals


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 Algo Capital offers Secondaries Transactions, a service designed to help investors divest some of their assets by analyzing their portfolios and introducing them to the right Secondaries Investor partner that purchases entire portfolios from investors.

Investors often find it challenging to identify and execute divestment strategies for underperforming or non-core assets. Traditional divestment approaches can be time-consuming and ineffective, leading to suboptimal returns and increased risk exposure. With the recent increase in interest rates and inflation, many institutional investors have damaged portfolios with non-performing assets. 

Value Proposition:
For investors who are dissatisfied with their ability to divest assets and monetized LPs, our Secondaries Transactions service is a new and innovative approach that provides them with expert advice and a large network capabilities. Unlike traditional divestment approaches, our service offers in-depth portfolio analysis to identify the most suitable divestment opportunities, introductions to leading Secondaries Funds who are interested in purchasing entire portfolios.

Program Highlights:

  •  Our experienced financial advisors conduct a thorough analysis of your portfolio to identify underperforming or non-core assets that could be divested.
  • We introduce you to our network of leading Secondaries Investors who are interested in purchasing entire portfolios.
  • We provide comprehensive support throughout the divestment process, from initial analysis to final transaction.


  • Maximizing returns on your investments by divesting underperforming assets
  • Reducing your risk exposure by divesting non-core or non-strategic assets
  • Freeing up capital to reinvest in high-growth areas of your business. 



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