Our M&A Advisory Service is designed to provide founders with the support and expertise they need to navigate transactions successfully. Our team of advisors has a wealth of experience in the digital asset space and has helped numerous SMBs and Middle Market companies in traditional markets on both the buy & sell side. 


Digital asset companies face unique complexities that traditional M&A practices are not equipped to handle.  Merging two different tokens into one or doing a transaction across chains requires a deep understanding of the underlying technology and market dynamics. Moreover, the digital asset market operates 24/7, and the speed at which changes occur can be overwhelming. The lack of regulation and oversight also adds to the complexity of digital asset M&A. Traditional M&A advisors may not be familiar with these complexities, leading to missed opportunities or costly mistakes.


For founders of digital asset companies who are dissatisfied with their ability to engage with relevant counterparts, our advisory service is a new approach that provides a unique combination of specialized expertise, strategic guidance, and execution support. Unlike traditional M&A advisory firms, we have extensive experience and knowledge in the digital asset space, allowing us to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.


M&A, especially in crypto, can be a dauting processes for companies to navigate on their own. Below the step by step program, we've designed to help teams reach their goals:

1) Identifying Potential Counterparts: One of the biggest challenges for companies in M&A is identifying potential targets that align with their business goals and strategies. Our extensive industry network can help you find buyers / sellers more readily.

2)Valuation & Pricing: Once a potential counterpart is identified, attaching a fair value to the target or your own company accurately can be challenging, especially when dealing with tokens. Thorough our proprietary valuation frameworks, we can streamline this process and help you determine the true value of your company or of the target.

3) Negotiating Deal Terms: Negotiating deal terms with the counterpart can be a complex and delicate process on both buy side and the sell side. We can act as a mediator, helping to facilitate negotiations between the parties and ensuring that the deal terms are fair and reasonable.

4) Conducting Due Diligence: Conducting due diligence is critical to ensure that the counterpart is a good fit and does not have any hidden liabilities, risks or motives. We can help you conduct thorough due diligence by reviewing on-chain activity, financial records, and other relevant information.

5) Structuring the Deal: Structuring the deal involves determining the optimal transaction structure, financing options, and tax implications. With our expertise in digital assets and access to a selected network of partners, we can determine the most suitable structure for the deal, taking into account your goals, risks, and financial position.

6) Managing Post-Merger Integration: Integrating the target company into the existing business is a crucial step in M&A. On the buy side, we can help you develop an integration plan and provide guidance on how to manage the post-merger integration process while minimizing disruptions. On the sell side, we can make sure the transition with the buyer goes smoothly and help the seller reduce to the bear minimum the costs of the transaction while maximizing ROI.


  1. Increase the likelihood and reduce the timing of completing a transaction
  2. Access to specialized expertise and knowledge in the digital asset space
  3. Strategic guidance and financial analysis to optimize transaction outcomes
  4. Execution support to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction process



This program provides comprehensive coverage of the M&A process by offering assistance to buyers and sellers in structuring their transactions, evaluating potential targets, and conducting negotiations on their behalf.

INtroducer broker (IB)

This program is designed for buyers and sellers who are already engaged in transactions and need additional support in finding the right match through our origination services.



Algo Capital does not hold a license as a financial institution in accordance with any regulatory body, nor does it engage in activities that fall within the purview of regulated activities. Clients bear sole responsibility for any investment decisions they make, and Algo Capital shall not be held liable for any loss or damages arising out of such decisions. Although Algo Capital provides information and guidance regarding investment strategies and transactions, clients retain complete decision-making authority.



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